Government is Never the Answer

What saddens me is when people get so frustrated with rolling back government that they give in to growing it to fight back against the unintended consequences.

The welfare state, regulatory state, warfare state, the drug war, and cronyism all has endless unintended consequences hurting families in safety and prosperity, causing international instability breeding conflict and border chaos, and just making it hard for people everywhere to get by. Bottom line, the answer is rolling back the cause (big government non-consensual one size fits all policy) and that doesn’t change no matter how hard it seems and how slow the progress can appear.

Asking for government run universal healthcare in response to a botched government managed healthcare system is akin to asking for more survelliance and enforcement powers for government to handle border chaos that was in large part the result of foreign policy and drug policy idiocy.

Bottom line is more government is never the answer to too much government. Don’t let your frustrations with the welfare/warfare state and the drug war fuel a demand for a growing border state.

Don’t let the government win in giving them more power for their mistakes.


Libertarianism, Community and Consent

Many non-libertarians have the wrong impression that libertarianism is anti-social, that it is all about doing everything yourself and depending on no one else. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Libertarians just care about a thing called, “Consent”.

I personally have lived a life that totally exemplifies the saying “it takes a village”. Many people have given me opportunities, resources and wisdom that have helped me to accomplish everything I’ve accomplished. The key thing is all that assistance came with the willingness and consent of my benefactors.

I had to be the opposite of anti-social, I had to build new relationships and work to maintain the ones I already had. My ability to be kind, forgiving, and empathetic towards others had a direct impact on receiving the same.

Consent encourages community and civility, the opposite in its absence.

Left and Right are alright…

I talk to people on the right and left and often times find myself agreeing with their sentiments and concerns but always find two problems as the conversation progresses.

1. The concerns of one side are rarely mutually exclusive of the concerns of those on the other side, often times both have legitimate concerns which both need a solution.

2. The solution to any problem isn’t “I’ll have government make people do things this way using other people’s money”. The solution usually requires outreach, voluntary community organizing, and/or creating enterprises that can find a profitable model of providing a solution so the it can fund itself and develop improvements.

Libertarian Aid and Welfare

One thing I love about being in the Libertarian community is that Libertarians don’t find saying someone else should help you as tantamount to helping you. If a libertarian determines you need help and is able to help, they help you.

No waiting endless election cycles, political bickering on how you should be helped, just direct aid to alleviate your plight now directly from people who care.

Being part of the Libertarian community isn’t just about helping others understand the power and rights they have as an individual but being part of one of the most vast, resilient and efficient support networks around.

So how about it? Ready to liberty yet?

Are you ready to Liberty Yet?

Most political groups imagine a world if the perfect people were elected to place the perfect controls which everyone responded to perfectly.

This all makes sense in our imagination where it doesn’t take decades to build the political will for the most minor reforms, where the most power hungry aren’t the ones running for every elected position, where everyone isn’t trying to influence that power to their advantage, and opposition doesn’t result in your ideas being distorted into versions of themselves that cause more harm than good.

Libertarianism doesn’t seek perfection, but growth. Growth doesn’t occur by design or dictate but by trial and error as free people live their lives and discover what works and what doesn’t work. Having small controlled experiments at the individual level insulates the damage of failures to fewer people and allow more experiements to be run more often.

Those who want trial error to be done at National or regional levels ask too many to unwillingly be at the losing end of failed experiments that often never end due to bureaucratic inertia while preventing individual experiments from occurring.

So? Are you ready to liberty yet?

Libertarians are Diverse

Libertarians differ greatly on what people should or shouldn’t do whether it’s drug use, sex work, association, spirituality, etc.

What libertarians agree on is that we shouldn’t use violence and threats to the life, body and property of others to make them live by our standards.

I am a tolerant, empathetic, forgiving, free market loving, free trade loving, multiculturalist, lgbt advocate, and socially tolerant guy but I don’t think violence or threats should be used to force people to be like me.

Not hurting people, what a radical idea.