Tolerance, Empathy and Forgiveness: The Libertarian World I’m going to make

I am working on building a world by setting an example. Setting an example of how one can be tolerant, empathetic and forgiving of others so that way we can inspire a respect for the ownership we all have over our life, body and property.

Some people are harder to tolerate than others, but I’m going to do my best.

Some people are harder to empathize with than others, but darn it I’m going to try.

Some people are harder to forgive, but someone has to be the first to let go for everyone’s sake.

As the world I’m building is built winning one heart and one mind at a time the foundation on which institutions geared towards controlling each other is built on will begin to fall apart. Destroying that foundation fueled by our fears and judgement of each other.

I’m building this world, and I hope you’ll join me as we lay each and every brick. I hope we can be Libertarian Together.