Government is Never the Answer

What saddens me is when people get so frustrated with rolling back government that they give in to growing it to fight back against the unintended consequences.

The welfare state, regulatory state, warfare state, the drug war, and cronyism all has endless unintended consequences hurting families in safety and prosperity, causing international instability breeding conflict and border chaos, and just making it hard for people everywhere to get by. Bottom line, the answer is rolling back the cause (big government non-consensual one size fits all policy) and that doesn’t change no matter how hard it seems and how slow the progress can appear.

Asking for government run universal healthcare in response to a botched government managed healthcare system is akin to asking for more survelliance and enforcement powers for government to handle border chaos that was in large part the result of foreign policy and drug policy idiocy.

Bottom line is more government is never the answer to too much government. Don’t let your frustrations with the welfare/warfare state and the drug war fuel a demand for a growing border state.

Don’t let the government win in giving them more power for their mistakes.


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