Protectionism Doesn’t Work

Everything evolves, those who want things to stay the same whether it’s the prominence of a certain industry, culture or anything generally develop an anxiety from growing change. Being a benefactor of the way things were makes someone believe that this is a way society or the economy “should be”. As things change they become increasingly convinced using the state to prevent these changes are imperative to protecting what they consider is a successful society. This is protectionism.

Whether it’s putting tariffs on goods, taxing new industries to protect old ones, controlling immigration or one of an endless assortment of approaches the result is always the same. Society changes anyways but the state becomes empowered and more oppressive from the cultural or economic protectionist efforts.

You want less government you will have to embrace cultural and economic evolution, the reality that things will change meaning you will have to adapt. Give it a shot, I guarantee you’ll like the way it feels.

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