I’m the Libertarian Switzerland

I like to consider myself the Switzerland of Libertarians, in the sense I stay out of entangling alliances and wars within the Libertarian community and associate with everyone in it. (I socialize like I like my foreign policy).

Why? When I first started my libertarian awakening in 2007 it was Ron Paul/Tom Woods/Robert Murphy who were really foundational to me learning and embracing these ideas. In that I did end up reading and learning a lot of Austrian thought ala Mises/Rothbard/Hayek.

Although, I didn’t stop there I read on the literature and ideas of Milton & David Friedman, Robert Nozick, Ayn Rand, Steve Horwitz, George Selgin, Lawrence White, Deidre McCloskey, Arnold Kling, Jeffrey Tucker, Robert Heinlein and so many more great names in the Libertarian and/or economic traditions.

I can’t see myself denigrating any of it cause all of it illuminated me to so many beautiful ideas and helped me form my own current perspective on issues across the board.

In the desire for peace and diplomacy around the world and within the Libertarian community, I really enjoyed this discussion.


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