Libertarianism, Socialism and Totalitarianism

To be clear… Totalitarian: I want the say in how everyone uses everything. Socialist: Everyone should have a say in how everyone uses everyone’s stuff. Libertarian: Everyone should have a say in how they use their life, body and property and not those of others. Advertisements

Shareholder Buybacks aren’t evil

Shareholder buybacks do two things that do create economic value: – Provide liquidity to exiting investors so they can go invest in other businesses creating economic investment elsewhere – Allows the remaining shareholders to have non-taxable appreciation but also creates headroom for capital raising later when the company needs it. Shareholder buy back are not […]

Rules and Liberty

Rules need enforcement. Enforcement takes resources. More rules require more resources taken from the economy or enforcement gets spread too thin which makes the rules less credible making them meaningless. So whether they be laws, morals, or any other kind of rule. The mantra that best manages resources with order is “simple and few”. As […]

Laws and Crimes

Laws don’t reduce crime. They expand what is a crime defining more and more of us as criminals. Coexistence doesn’t come from dictates or zero tolerance, it comes from respect for each others life, body and property and a willingness to tolerate and forgive each other. #amliberty

Inequality and Open Markets

“I want to help those who are the worse off. That’s why I want inequality in incomes so there is an incentive to invest in the knowledge, skills, and capital that will make the economy more productive. As the economy increases productivity we’ll be able to make more for more people. Today we have more […]