Libertarian Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays,

As we wrap up 2018 and reflect on our challenges, our successes and our growth we have a lot to be proud of and learn from. Spend time with those you care about most these next few weeks because we always need a reminder of who we are fighting for.

When the ball descends on Times Square and 2019 begins, our fight continues. Our fight to make sure alternatives can exist for people to provide for their education, healthcare and more as it best serves them. Our fight to end the fear of each other that leads to wars abroad and economic/social controls & surveillance at home. Our fight to inspire others to empower themselves and allow the limitless power of imagination to pave new paths for society and to protect them when others try to stand in their way.

We are the voice for those who others can’t or won’t speak for. We speak for the convict stripped of their ability to vote due to non-violent activities that should of never been a crime in the first place. We speak for the single parent whose spouse’s life was lost in military conflicts that aren’t in the Nations Defense based on fears stoked by those who win on the politics of fear and war.

As long as the Libertarian Party stands the silenced will never truly be silent.

Happy Holidays,

Alex Merced

Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party

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