Laws and Crimes

Laws don’t reduce crime. They expand what is a crime defining more and more of us as criminals. Coexistence doesn’t come from dictates or zero tolerance, it comes from respect for each others life, body and property and a willingness to tolerate and forgive each other. #amliberty


Inequality and Open Markets

“I want to help those who are the worse off. That’s why I want inequality in incomes so there is an incentive to invest in the knowledge, skills, and capital that will make the economy more productive. As the economy increases productivity we’ll be able to make more for more people.

Today we have more people than anytime in history, yet less of them starve than ever before. We are aware of wars around the world more than ever before but there is less war than ever before.

Open Markets in theory and in practice give you every reason to hope and look forward with the brightest optimism. No matter how much governments try to control Open Markets they will always succeed in spite of them. Why? Because an open market is just all of us individually trying to make tomorrow better, and no matter what controls or headwinds lay before us we will always strive to make tomorrow better.”

Alex Merced

Free to Disagree

When it comes to personal opinions there are endless things that I disagree with fellow libertarians on. What makes us Libertarian isn’t that we agree on everything but that we don’t want to force our ideal world on each other, but build the world we believe in on consent and voluntarism and let the better more compelling ideas win in a market that arises from our every single choice and action.

Now when you at least agree on the value of one’s life and ability to make choices in their own domain there is some clear implications. Ending destabilizing wars, ending the destructive drug war, reducing regulations that price out newer and smaller market participants, and reducing the taxation and incarceration that supports these systems of control.

We are fighting for a world where we can be free to live, disagree and resist and not be taxed, hurt or jailed for doing so.

Protectionism Doesn’t Work

Everything evolves, those who want things to stay the same whether it’s the prominence of a certain industry, culture or anything generally develop an anxiety from growing change. Being a benefactor of the way things were makes someone believe that this is a way society or the economy “should be”. As things change they become increasingly convinced using the state to prevent these changes are imperative to protecting what they consider is a successful society. This is protectionism.

Whether it’s putting tariffs on goods, taxing new industries to protect old ones, controlling immigration or one of an endless assortment of approaches the result is always the same. Society changes anyways but the state becomes empowered and more oppressive from the cultural or economic protectionist efforts.

You want less government you will have to embrace cultural and economic evolution, the reality that things will change meaning you will have to adapt. Give it a shot, I guarantee you’ll like the way it feels.

Welfare, Immigration and Resentment

I am for reducing or better put shifting the social safety net from the welfare state to voluntary community based institutions, charitable enterprises and for profit ones. A decentralized network of aid organizations would be more nimble, efficient and responsive to societies needs than clunky slow moving government.

Although, I do think people overstate the amount the welfare state acts as a “magnet” for immigration. Most immigrants are not running to welfare but from oppressive regimes and economies destroyed by their own governments, foreign intervention and the drug war.

When immigrants arrive it is not shocking that they may find the struggle here exists as opportunities have become more scarce for everyone due to the effects of licensing, taxation and regulation.

As citizens do, immigrants feeling the pinch of bad economic policy may find themselves reaching for the social safety net. The problem is instead of us working together to fight against the growing burden of government to restore opportunities for everyone we attack each other over the crumbs of a dwindling pie empowering government further.

What a welfare state does do is feed that resentment, it creates a reason for people to look at each other as scapegoats for their frustrations. People assuming all welfare state beneficiaries are undeserving and leeches whether because their background, legal status, or class when in reality we are all the victims of the destroyer of opportunities that is growing government intervention around the world, in the economy, and in our personal lives.

We are all struggling, instead of fighting each other let’s fight against the institution putting us against each other… large intrusive expensive compulsory government policies.