Thin and Thick Libertarianism and Sustainable Liberty

So when are you a Libertarian? A question that is debated when people discuss the idea of ”thin” versus ”thick” libertarianism. Those in the thin camp argue that libertarianism is simply a rejection of the inititiation of violence. (you don’t think the worlds problems are solved by having someone else hurt others and take their […]

Metaphors can change the world

Metaphors play a large role in how we view problems and solutions. One of the most consequential metaphors I’m aware of is the difference between looking at society and the economy as organic vs mechanic. Those who take a more organic approach see the society, economy and the institutions within it as disparate parts of […]

Why Whataboutism matters

The left recently complained about “whataboutism”, the pointing out that left administrations did many of the same bad policies as the current right wing one. (Cronyist trade dealings, mass deportations, global intervention, massive deficits, accommodative monetary policy, etc.) This is Important because why should I listen to someone telling me to vote differently if what […]

Libertarianism Makes Us Better

Most people believe people just behave the way they behave so they must be controlled and punished when out of line. Libertarians understand people respond to incentives and expectations. Market incentives and expecting self-responsibility makes us better. #amliberty #Libertarian

What Libertarians aren’t!

Libertarians are not against public goods… they question whether centralized monopolistic government is the best institution to provide it and whether taxation is an ethical or effective way of funding it. Libertarians are not against regulations… they question whether centralized monopolistic government is the best institution that can create fair rules that are fairly enforced […]

Libertarians Love Regulations

I think many people have the wrong idea about libertarians and regulation. The perception of Libertarians is that we think all rules are bad which is far from the case. Rules and Regulations are a service like any other that provides value. Board games would be quite unenjoyable without rules to create a sense of […]