Why Whataboutism matters

The left recently complained about “whataboutism”, the pointing out that left administrations did many of the same bad policies as the current right wing one. (Cronyist trade dealings, mass deportations, global intervention, massive deficits, accommodative monetary policy, etc.) This is Important because why should I listen to someone telling me to vote differently if what […]

Shareholder Buybacks aren’t evil

Shareholder buybacks do two things that do create economic value: – Provide liquidity to exiting investors so they can go invest in other businesses creating economic investment elsewhere – Allows the remaining shareholders to have non-taxable appreciation but also creates headroom for capital raising later when the company needs it. Shareholder buy back are not […]

Left and Right are alright…

I talk to people on the right and left and often times find myself agreeing with their sentiments and concerns but always find two problems as the conversation progresses. 1. The concerns of one side are rarely mutually exclusive of the concerns of those on the other side, often times both have legitimate concerns which […]